21 May 2017 -

Calendar of Events 2017-2018

(Note: Other events may be added to the calendar over the course of the year. Legio IX fabrica and work party dates are usually selected a few weeks in advance according to which is convenient for the greatest number of members or the hosts.)


  • Sunday, June 25: Projected date to begin work on building a Roman watchtower (turris) at Roman Times site in Maryland. If construction is delayed there will be a fabrica in Fairfax, VA.
  • Date TBD: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA or turris work party at Maryland site
  • Dates TBD: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA and turris work party at Maryland site
  • Mid month: Roman Times weekend immersion event with field exercises, route march, and period camping. Further details to be announced
  • Dates TBD: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA and/or turris work party at Maryland site
  • November 10-12: Castra Romana at Givhans Ferry State Park, Ridgeville, SC; hosted by Legio VI Ferrata Fidelis. One of the best Roman public events on the East Coast featuring a large Roman camp, torsion artillery demonstrations, tactical exercises, gladiatorial combat in a re-created arena, and a phenomenal feast. Weather is usually ideal there at that time of the year. Legio IX will be coordinating one or more carpools.
  • Saturday Dec. 2: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA (if enough people have the time!)


  • Date TBD: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA. Time to start gearing up for MTA!
  • Date TBD: Fabrica in Fairfax, VA. More MTA preparation work.
  • March 16-18: Military Through the Ages at Jamestown Settlement near Williamsburg, VA. (Official date has not yet been announced but it is almost always held on this weekend). Annual gathering of reenactment groups from ancient to modern periods. A great venue to showcase the unit and do some recruiting. Overnight camping Friday and Saturday (or stay in a nearby motel). 
  • April 6-8: Clash of Iron at Castra Lafe in Arkansas (Official date has not yet been announced but it is usually held on this weekend) Annual immersion event held at Iron Age site with recreated wood and earthwork Roman castra, vicus, and Celtic village. Some Legio IX members have already expressed an interest in carpooling to this event.

  • May 25-27: Castra Aestiva Held annually near Tillsonburg Ontario, Castra Aestiva is a non-public training event involving Romans and their enemies. It is recommended that new Roman reenactors attend it for a unique immersion experience. Participants bivouac in tents (sub-pelibus) sheltered inside of the protective walls of a fortified camp. Activities include typical army fatigues, Roman drill, weapons handling (sword, archery, pila, sling and free arm stone throw), patrolling and (unit) field combat against enemies of the empire. 

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