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1uidscribe_draw What does this mean "Articles Hub"? Well, it's a place to centrally post articles for (and by) our members and friends. To help new tyros (recruits) get information and probably, for some kids to rip stuff off for homework -- well, they'll think...

Over time we'll have more articles, but for now... we start:

How to:

Becoming a Roman Reenactor -- a short article written by the founder of Leg. IX Hispana, G. Tacitus Hibernicus.


  • Tunica -- A simple set of directions for making a tunica (tunic).
  • Focale -- A simple set of directions for making a focale (soldier's scarf).
  • Caligae -- An article on what real Roman footwear looked like.
More kit articles are located in the "Roman Kit Area" of this website.

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