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Becoming a Member of the Ninth Legion

Our Batavian allies...

Welcome to Legio IX

This information is intended to get you started to prepare yourself for a Roman Impression as a member of Legio IX. Your impression should be based on Legio IX's service in Britain from 60-109 AD. period, although we do allow some variation in gear a few years outside of that range, i.e. Legio IX participated in Claudius' invasion of Britain in 43 AD and saw service in Britain beyond 109 AD.


If you are under 18, you MUST have signed permission from your parent or guardian to participate. Those under 16 are allowed to participate in drill training only, but NOT combat or combat training. If you are under 16, you MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We have several "Categories of Membership":

  1. PROBATIO - Recruits who are interested in joining. Our unit requires a PROBATIO make an item that is part of basic required kit, i.e. a tunic (simple sewing), a rope belt, etc. The unit will help provide you with other items, as available, to enable you to participate in demonstration or training/immersion events as you begin to build your kit. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! We have suggestions of reputable vendors.
  2. TIRO - Recruits that have purchased their fighting kit**, but have not been to an event* yet.
  3. HASTATI - Members who have their fighting kit** and are active participants who have been to at least one event*.
  4. PRINCIPES - Members that have their fighting kit** gear and have been to two or more events* annually.
  5. TRIARII Members who are equipped with fighting kit** and make a minimum of three events* annually

*Event is defined as any Scheduled activity as listed on the events page of the LEG IX website or discussion forum.

**Equipment Necessary to progress in rank is Caligae, Tunic, Balteus, Armor, Helm, Gladius, Pugio, Scutum (shield), Pila. (Civilian members may also attain these different statuses based on their impressions' completeness.).

To Get Started:

First: Talk to the Centurio or any Legio IX member. They will help you get orientated to the ancient genre of re-enacting and guide you through the process of becoming a member.

Second: Join for emails and updates. This is a place where you can ask any and all questions about the hobby, gear, and construction of gear without feeling like a newcomer! The yahoo group will also keep you informed on upcoming events.

Third: Join Legio IX Forum (maybe also)

Fourth: This is a two part step. Part 1: Print off a copy of the Ludus Militis tactica (drill manual) located on on the Legion VI website or on the Ludus Militis website. Part 2: Study up on Latin. We know it's a dry language, but you will want to know how to say hello, goodbye, yes sir, etc... in Latin. Don't worry, only a few of us speak it as a second language. We are developing a basic conversation guide for our handbook, which will help you.

Fifth: Start looking at gear (always ask your sponsor before you buy anything!). Not only will it keep you form wasting your money on incorrect stuff, we may be able to get you a better price or suggest a supplier! Below is a list of basic equipment needed for your complete impression, it is also the order in which we recommend you purchase these items. This is your fighting kit** mentioned above.
  1. Caligae/Sandals
  2. Tunica/Tunic (required to be made by the Probatio)
  3. Balteus/Belt
  4. Pugio/Dagger
  5. Gladius/Sword
  6. Lorica/Body Armor (Hamata/chainmail, Segmentata/plate)
  7. Subarmalis/Under Armor
  8. Focale/Scarf (can be made by the Probatio)
  9. Galea/Helmet
  10. Scutum/Shield
  11. Pila/Javelin
  12. Patera/Mess Gear - wooden bowl, spoon, cup (ceramic or wooden)


There is no rush to purchase anything. The Legion members will have items you can borrow until you complete your kit! If you have the gift of being a good craftsman, nearly everything can be built from scratch! Check out our Roman Kit of Legio IX. You may also check the Legio XX website for patterns and information on how to make things. They have step by step designs, plans, and more!

Sixth: Borrow or check out some books. (** means essential)

Finally: If you have a question, ask the group, one of us will know the answer or get you in the right direction. The only thing we require is a noble attitude, we can supply the rest!

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