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Legio IX at Military Through the Ages 2013


There used to be other centuria portraying Legio IX here in the United States, but they are all gone it appears. Alas, we will march onward, not wavering, not failing. If you're interested in signing up, read on -- Legio IX Hispana is looking for good, fresh new recruits!



Our Initial Goal is the reconstruction of a full strength centuria,, to be the first Roman reenactment club ever to field such a unit comprised of members all from the same club. If you are contemplating Roman reenactment as a hobby and if you like what you see here then please consider joining us.

Who We Are

We're a group of hobbyists, historians and Rome enthusiasts who come together and portray part of a company of Roman soldiers. Our goal is to portray the common Roman soldiers, support auxilia, and civilians, mainly for non-public "immersion" events, where we try to learn the lessons of the Legions. Occasionally, we do display events, but here are no officers and no fancy titles, no governors or senators or tribunes... no togas. We are common soldiers and the civilians who would have been associated with a Roman military encampment. In doing this, we hope to learn some knowledge about what their lives were like. Maybe you find this interesting...

Centurio Gaius LepidvsWhere We Are

We are encamped in the northern part of Provincia Britannia,, north of what will become that Hadrian's Wall public works project. For public events, some of our members portray a number of different time periods from the AD43 Invasion to the 3rd Century. However, for our non-public events, we portray a Flavian-period impression.

What We Are Doing There

We are patrolling and pacifying the region assigned to us as well as making improvements to our temporary camp. There is an Oppidium that needs to be taken by the end of Aprilis. We are also surveying the area for resources, constructing a bridge or two and there are those persistent rumors that we'll be laying a proper road next Spring.

Reenactment Philosophy

The best way to describe what we do is engendered in the phrase "experimental archeology." Our displays are dynamic, not static. We are not content with parades and drills or displays of gear. We, via our portrayals, prefer to put our Roman gear and equipment to the test.

We strongly believe that the gear we make or acquire is best portrayed and understood when it is used, used extensively, put to its physical limitations. We do not revere our equipment or handle it with cotton gloves. The gear we make and wear is designed and intended to be durable, fully functional soldier's gear, just like the originals.

  • If it bends, we straighten it.
  • If it breaks, we fix it.
  • If it is destroyed, we make a new one.
  • Learn how to form a chapter in your area.
  • Transfers are welcome. Learn how you can join Legio IX Hispana!
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