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Check out some great books and help the site! I have chosen these books as among the best to illustrate this subject.

While the procurement of the equipment on the “A” List allows participation in LEG. IX, the realistic portrayal of a Roman miles demands a lot more! Most of these accessories were items of common usage and their use will accent and strengthen the impression of both the individual (that’s you!) and the unit. Remember, in LEG. IX you should continually strive to upgrade your impression. In doing so, we honor the memories of those unknown and unhonored men who gave their lives thus making our world, 2000 years later, what it is today! Complacency has no part in the accurate portrayal of a Roman soldier. Your impression will be greatly enhanced with the addition of the items listed below (this means you should start to acquire them as soon as possible, after you finish completing your Basic Kit).

Legio IX maintains a priority list as well as information on sources for accurate equipment. Check with the recruit coordinator or unit procurator BEFORE you order. Many so-called Roman reproduction items offered online are for costume purposes and are not suitable for reenacting, being too flimsy or innacurate. Even some commercial products approved for use are not perfect, and require some work. Ask first, before you spend!


  • Pugio (dagger)
  • Loculus/Sarcina (pack/haversack)
  • Furca (Pack Carry Pole)
  • Messgear
    • Patera (messtin)
    • Vas (cookpot)
    • Poculum (cup)
    • Conclear (spoon)
    • Eating Knife
    • Aqua Vescae (canteen)
  • Entrenching Tools
    • Dolbra (pick axe)
    • Lamina caespiti (turf cutter)
    • Pala (shovel)
    • More Roman Entrenching items
      • Corbis (basket)
      • Funis (rope)
      • Mesh Bag
      • Lodix Bag
  • Vali or Sudis (palisade stakes)
  • Scutisque Tegimenta (shield cover))
  • Cassis Tegimenta (helmet cover))
  • Pilleus (cap)
  • Udones (socks)
  • Subligaculum (underwear)
  • Fascia Ventralis (sash)
  • Paenula (cloak)
  • Petasus Stramenti (straw Hat)
  • Braccae (calf-length pants)
  • lodix(blanket) What can we say? Wool. Darker or "natural" coloured.

Personal Hygiene items:

  • Spongia (THE sponge) = Roman toilet paper (sponge on a stick)
  • Small hygiene tools (fingernail scraper, ear spoon, tweezers...), Comb, Razor.

Remember ALL Deepeeka gear can be
purchased through the unit.

Unit Help

***You are not alone out there. Come to the fabrica (gear-making parties) which we hold as needed. Many of the members have extensive knowledge is most anything you can make and will help you make them at your workshops!

Legio IX has discount arrangements with the authorized vendor in the U.S. for products made by the Indian manufacturers Deepeeka and Lord of Battles. There are many custom suppliers who make higher quality goods for a higher price (and some make products that are too good for mass produced military hardware). Using the Legio Armamentarium will allow you to economically get into the hobby and getting your gear right!

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