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Legio IX at Military Through the Ages 2019

Legio IX at Military Through the Ages 2019
Legio IX at Military Through the Ages 2019
The unit won awards for its tactical demonstration and camp presentation!

Our full name...

You've reached the online camp of Legio IX Hispana. We're a group of hobbyists, historians, and Roman enthusiasts who come together to portray common Roman soldiers, support auxilia, and civilians who would have been associated with a Roman military encampment. We do this mainly at non-public "immersion" events, although we occasionally participate in public displays such as The Virginia Scottish Games held in The Plains, Va.

Legio IX has participated and has won several awards in recognition of the quality of our display and of our presentation of the life of Roman soldiers during the annual Military Through the Ages held in Jamestown, Virginia. These awards were from the event organizers, the visiting public, and fellow living history recreators for our historical recreations of the lives Roman legionaires In participating at these public events, we hope to share knowledge about what these ancient people's lives were like. Maybe you too will find this interesting...

If you're interested in signing up, read on — Legio IX Hispana is looking for good recruits! It does cost some money, but if you are willing to work, we can help you get outfitted for a very reasonable price. It is our philosophy to help new members to get rolling and not to just throw them in the deep water and tell them to swim. We are activley recruiting...

Reenactment PhilosophyCenturio Gaius Lepidvs

The best way to describe what we do is engendered in the phrase "experimental archeology." Our displays are dynamic, not static. We are not content with parades and drills or displays of gear. We, via our portrayals, prefer to put our Roman gear and equipment to the test.

We strongly believe that the gear we make or acquire is best portrayed and understood when it is used, used extensively, put to its physical limitations. We do not revere our equipment or handle it with cotton gloves. The gear we make and wear is designed and intended to be durable, fully functional soldier's gear, just like the originals.

  • If it bends, we straighten it.
  • If it breaks, we fix it.
  • If it is destroyed, we make a new one.
  • Transfers are welcome — learn how you can join Legio IX Hispana!
Legio IX Hispana


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