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Legio IX Commandments

  1. Thou shall not engage in actions that harm or embarrass the unit, bring shame to the unit, or let the unit down.
  2. Thou shall respect the rules and wishes of the planners and organizers of all events in which you participate as a member of Legio IX.
  3. Thou shall not appear in modern garb, or visible modern items, at a Legio IX event, encampment, or presentation after the official start time of said event.
  4. Thou shall learn all other Legio IX members’ ROMAN names and use them.
  5. Thou shall not publicly degrade other units or their members in a public setting or forum.
  6. As a member of Legio IX, you shall always help other Roman reenactors in need if you are able to do so. At events where you are representing Legio IX to the public, you shall use the utmost discretion when discussing anything modern in front of the public. For example, when asked about where to buy, or how to make, our kit, you can respond on the modern topic, but lengthy discussions on what sort of modern undergarments you are disguising under your tunic shall be forbidden.

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