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Becoming a Civilian in Legio IX Hispana


Legio IX has a civilian contingent—members who don't wish to be part of the military and who have an interest in the civilian aspect of Roman Britain. Those members who do portray civilians, don't portray the aristocracy, tribunes, generals, priestesses, etc. No one wears a 1uidromanhistoriantoga (except for certain displays). Civilian members are those common people who would accompany or interact with a camp of Roman soldiers. This can include the women and children of soldiers, as well as assorted craftsmen and local civilians. Civilian members are often native or local born, often Britons but sometimes civilians from other parts of the Empire.

Like many Roman reenactment groups, Legio IX Hispana welcomes civilian impressions such including women and children, as LONG as there is an impression. By that we mean what we do is not a baby sitting service nor is it a place simply to socialize (although we do do that). 1uidcivilian1Part of the reason this is done is an effort to both accommodate entire families and to portray Roman civilian life. Roles can include Craftsmen (carpenter, smith, jeweler, netmaker, cord twister, etc.) medic/medicine man, bard and fisherman. Additionally, it is not unknown for older male reenactors (who might have previously portrayed Roman legionaries) to now portray consuls, senators, or even a Roman emperor.

In these roles, members can explore the life of the average Roman who was NOT in the military. Tradesmen, craftsmen—families of such. Clerks, slaves, traders... Roman Britain was a diverse and varied land—check here to learn about life then and there.

One Place to Begin

A really great source of information on how to build a Roman civilian impression can be found on Legio XX's website. The link to the civilian area is here.


A really great site to inspire the Roman civilian is here! These are fellow reenactors in Germany... Roman reenacting truly IS something that crosses all borders.


1uidstreet1Here are a couple roles that do not have to be a military role.

  • The Surgeon (Medicus) with his surgical instruments that are recognizable to doctors even today—some with a gruesome history.
  • Herb Seller/Hipotecarium (Apothocary): Our medicus can show you the herbs that were used by the Roman healer to treat ailments, disease and injury. Many were used then, for many different purposes than they are used today. Many of these herbs are unusual, but are now, once again, becoming popular with the herbalist and natural healers of today.
  • Seer/Fortune Teller
  • Families of soldiers and others involved with the army.
  • More to come.
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