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The FOCALE (foe-kah-lay) is a useful item of clothing that serves to protect the neck from the LORICA SEGMENTATA, from the various BALTEUS (belts and straps) that might be worn and from the SARCINA. It also protects the neck in wet, cold, or hot weather when worn with or without armor. The FOCALE has two forms, one is a scarf the other is a neckerchief — both are acceptable though the neckerchief form is preferred.


The scarf form has no exact width or length. A width of 6" and a length of 36" is average. It is wrapped about the neck once or twice, might be loosely tied in front or closed with a thong. The extra length is laid against the chest and under the armor.


The neckerchief form starts as a square of fabric "A". It is then folded into a triangle "B". The FOCALE is draped across the back of the neck. The pointed ends are laid together at the front crimped and tied with a thong. The extra length is laid against the chest and under the armor. Sometimes the body of the FOCALE can be folded or rolled along the folded edge to create additional padding.


Linen or linsey/woolsey are the better choices, light weight material for warmer weather, heavier for wet or cold weather.


Nearly any color is probable though the FOCALE is often made from the remnants of TUNICA making.

Seams should be about ½", finished neatly and hand-sewn with linen thread.

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