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Title: Rome's Colosseum a Condominium in Medieval Times
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Forget gory shows and gladiatorial combat. In the late Middle Ages, Rome's Colosseum was a huge condominium, says the latest archaeological investigation into Rome's most iconic monument.

Archaeologists from Roma Tre University and students from the American University of Rome unearthed evidence showing that ordinary Romans lived within the Colosseum from the ninth century until at least 1349, when the building was seriously damaged by an earthquake.

During a three-week excavation beneath some of the arched entrances that lead into the arena, the archaeologists discovered terracotta sewage pipes, potsherds and the foundations of a 12th-century wall that once enclosed one of the properties.
Read article here: http://news.discovery.com/history/romes-colosseum-a-condominium-in-medieval-times-140630.htm (http://news.discovery.com/history/romes-colosseum-a-condominium-in-medieval-times-140630.htm)