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Title: Civilian area
Post by: Decimvs on July 11, 2014, 12:03:22 PM
What are thoughts on civilian things for the site? If it becomes public, there certainly would be some interest...  yoy
Title: Re: Civilian area
Post by: William on July 13, 2014, 04:31:29 PM
We have our hands full building the fort for now. In conjunction with the fort will be a training camo with pells, achery and sling range.  We can even build up a d level out some mounds to put artillery on it and set up an artillery range.   

Any civillian things would be outside the fort.  The civie stuff would be the last thing we do, after building small fortified Celt village, maybe a Celt for to lay siege too.

The civie stuff ... a caupona and some stalls that can be filled with artisans, etc.  Blacksmith, potter, herbalist, doctor, soothsayer,, doctor, dentist, etc.,  Indian cheif. The sky is the limit depemding on who we can get to what.  If this does get bigger as a public event, we will likely be able to move to the area Mike had reserved for the MD Renn Faire.  If so, that would mean a bigger fort, more covie, etc.  Then we can talk gladiators and so forth.  Possible but for now a pie in the sky until, we really show Mike.  That means getting enough people to participate and come to our events, contribute time and resources to make this first phase happen.

If we build enough of this to het Rusty involved and to have him want to really get behind it, in addition to his events and Clash of Iron, this will take off.  But I think his time and help will be important once we get this built and events set up. 
Title: Re: Civilian area
Post by: Decimvs on July 13, 2014, 06:21:16 PM
I was more thinking the civilians would do their own stuff... Really, it would be better, _I_ think for us just to help them. What are your thoughts there?

As to a bigger area... probably years down the road. So much to do here.
Title: Re: Civilian area
Post by: William on July 16, 2014, 07:50:28 PM
Let's get something built first. 
Title: Re: Civilian area
Post by: Decimvs on July 23, 2014, 08:56:24 PM
Let's get something built first.
Can I kindly disagree? Do you think the civilians are going to come out and do ANYTHING if there's nothing for them? We need to help them organize. I see this all the time -- groups wait and lose their momentum... you have to drive on... recruiting, and doing things and keeping people's interests up... w@w

If we don't encourage and nurture the civilian side, it will die and the army side will wither when the miles cannot come out because "mama" isn't going... For a start, just discussing this will help them focus, because I really doubt they will want to come do manual labor on the castra. See what I mean? /g/