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January 3, 2016

Wow, it’s back…

After a couple of years (3 actually) down, due to moving and technical errors, we’re back up. Among the things Legio IX has done are continuing work on the castra in Maryland. More recruiting. Adding a Roman kit area to the website to help new people and others understand the Roman soldier’s kit. We’ve also started, along w/ some other units, Roman Times a parent organization for Roman reenacting www.romantimes.org… give it a look. We have a new newsletter, Ad Signum, which we hope to put out on a regular schedule.

And, as always, this time of year, we are in planning for MTA which is March 18, 19, 20. 2016. Prepare to march!

Legio IX Hispana,Recruiting,Roman

January 24, 2013

As the Legio marches…

bridgeSo, we have new recruits and are planning for MTA in March. Some members will head to Lafe the week before… anyway, we plan on having some kind of immersion-like event before MTA to plan for that event and train a bit… What can i say… over the winter, we stay in the Castra and plan the Spring campaigns.

Events,Legio IX Hispana,Recruiting

June 24, 2012

Been awhile

I often forget that this is here. Things ARE going well with Leg. IX and we have recently gotten some great new recruits — men who do other time periods… this is a good thing, as I personally feel that Roman reenacting needs a little cross-pollination form other time periods. Too many in this time period feel that our main reason for doing this is for the children or to educate the public — both things that are BS. Children just don’t care about your armor or kit — they want to see you blow crap up. Really. Most adults that come out, really, are not thinking of this and you can see the vacant looks. :-( Yes, it IS neat to see it live, in colour. However, to “feel” it, takes more. Can we say “immersion event?”

Anyway, we went to Roman Days, it was hot. I was sick all week before hand, so didn’t really do much. Hell, to me, the fun of it is seeing all one’s comrades anyway.

Next up, in July is a fabrica, then an immersion event soon. Ought to be fun and we ARE growing. We are getting some really quality recruits and that is great for the unit. Our Oberhauptcenturioführer, as I call him, has some great ideas for us and I am excited there. We have even discussed starting an organization w/ a goal of buying land and building a fort here in the MidLant. Lafe, AR is TOO FAR, sorry, but it is. However, this IS the epicenter of reenacting, so I think we could do something good. We have the knowledge, we have the experience… Let’s do it!

We Need Enemies

Celts… most places just can’t seem to recruit them… why? My feeling is that like any recruiting, you have to get them started, to see how easy it is and to start them right. SCA might be a good place, as they already do some fighting, we just need them to see needlefelt and how to use that. Needlefelt allows authentic kit, not beefed-up sport armor. Anyway, I just think it isn’t as hard as the nay-sayers go on about — to them the cup is ALWAYS half empty. Always. :-( Waah! Why not try?


January 23, 2012

The need to recruit

Reenacting organizations die off for a couple reasons:

  1. No new recruits
  2. Members get older
  3. Members lose interest
  4. Members die
  5. Other units steal unit members

Happens. That’s why one needs to constantly recruit. Constantly.

One also needs to have events. And I don’t just mean “stand and preens” where you talk to the public, because let’s face it, 97% of the public do not understand nor care about what reenactors are doing AND think we are “nuts” (this from people who collect “beanie Babies” and NASCAR commemorative shot glasses (I digress)). We have to get people to see what we do AND have good events. Guys like details, they like doing things, vs. talking to touronz. Many guys do not like to make things, which for some guys is their reason for existence. Not that there’s anything wrong w/ that, just some people do not like to make crap. Or they are all thumbs, etc. C’est La Vie! It’s a free country.

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw that out there…you didn’t wanna hear my other blog on trucking BS today did you? Really? I thought not.

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January 20, 2012

More Romanneß

Okay, so much has been done. Handbook way updated, The “Man Inside the Lorica” section is up to 80+ pages… Lotsa info there. Minutia “A” is well along, w/ many good pix. Marcvs is working hard on Intro and Brutvs and Rob are working on Minutia “B” :-)

On Another Front…

What can I say, it’s a good resource and I hope you’ll visit it. I find the Romans SO interesting because it was so long ago. So much we just don’t know. Give the site a look and if there’s something we need to add or do, etc. PLEASE, let us know. We will be updating things as we go. Right now, we are STILL trying to convert all the old pages to the new template — so much work. Worth it. Enjoy.


December 2, 2011

Handbook and Recruiting.

The “Methods” Section is underway. Well, it’s been there actually, but I really red-lined it again tonite — will get those corrections in next couple days. Hope to get some more good work underway.


Got some good feedback and help on the “Man” section so will try and get that meshed in. Slowly, but surely, this is going forward.

The legio marches on. Recruiting is getting underway. Now, if we could just have a couple of immersion events next year. :-)

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November 28, 2011

So, we’re back.

Been busy and WWI was keeping me busy. Now that it’s over, it’s time for Roman again. Working hard on the handbook. Got all my corrections made for the first 3 chapters:

  • Intro
  • Man Inside the Lorica
  • Minutia, “A-List.”

Of course, as usual, one of them Intro won’t print to .pdf. Typical, some kind of “poison pill” in there. I’ll get it fixed. We’re hoping other unit members will jump in and help w/ some of the other handbook sections. :-)

Eventually, we’ll be able to release it to the world.


Hobby politics,Roman

June 13, 2011

And it continues…

Wow, hobby politics rears its ugly-ass head again. I’m telling you, the egos in the hobby are monstrous. And back room deals — crap like that, just turns me off. I am not gonna go on here right now about the latest BS, just to say it’s there. Neato huh?


June 12, 2011

Thoughts on the morn…


Roman Pack

The Roman Pack in march order.

As a reenactor vs. being a “LIVING HISTORIAN” I have some different priorities. Those who consider themselves “LIVING HISTORIANS” do this, they say, for a higher purpose. They wish to “educate the chilllldren” or some such thing. That’s great. Most of us however, really just wish to experience a little slice of life then. A taste if you will. We don’t wish to be killed. We don’t wish to march 25 miles a day with a full pack, we don’t wish to have our feet caned for minor infractions. However, we wish to try the food, to know what caligae feel like after being worn all day. How the armor feels and just “HOW” did they wear that piece of gear. Here are some thoughts on “LIVING HISTORIANS“… this guy is mainly talking about WWII reenacting but it’s all good — he NAILS it! Of course, the “LIVING HISTORIANS aren’t too thrilled with him. He has some good thoughts in his rants and some are just downright funny (and sadly true). Give it a read.



Hobby politics,Roman

And the slave girls played on…

Okay, I don’t know where the blog title today came from, but it sounded amusing.  Been hard at work proofing the handbook sections. Waiting for Favonius to make his corrections (mine have now turned a number of pages red again).

In other news, still unit things going on. I maintain that a unit can NOT be located all over the country — it won’t work. You have to be close together, otherwise members won’t be close as friends and comrades and worse, some will feel “more in charge” than others, thus leading to hurt feelings, jealousy, anger at “orders not being followed,” etc. My thoughts for tonite.

Slave Girls

Okay, sorry, I found some slave girl art, because it amused me to. This is more apropos, but.. the ones below are more after my heart:


Sorry, I couldn't help it, after all... :-Þ